March Mint Features

Customer Appreciation Day

March 21st is that Magical Day of ice cream goodness. oh and

Wanted: Manager

Do you feel like you were meant to be surrounded by delicious ice cream and happy people?   Read on.

Jobs with Bruster's Annapolis

We need adults to open and make ice cream during the school day.  We might also need a few hard-working and smiling people who can close nights until possibly as late as 10:30.  Must be at least 16 years old.

2 Quarts for $12!

Two Quarts_Mint CC and Choc Oreo

It's the BEST Ice Cream SALE EVER! 

You pick two quarts from our flavors available today and pay only $12!  Way better ice cream AND cheaper than the grocery store.  This special ends when the cold weather does, so better get here quick!  Full details after the jump!

Check-in and Save at Bruster's

 "The Social Network" isn't just a lives at Bruster's Annapolis!  If you have a nifty Smartphone like a Droid or iphone, you can use it to check-in at Bruster's and get some deals.  Right now, if you check-in on foursquare, you'll get a free scoop upgrade on every third check-in.  On facebook, you'll get a HALF PRICE Brownie sundae.  It's a great way to treat yourself on the cheap and let your friends know about the very best ice cream in Annapolis!