January February Features

January February Features

Jobs with Bruster's Annapolis

We need adults to open and make ice cream during the school day.  We might also need a few hard-working and smiling people who can close nights until possibly as late as 10:30.  Must be at least 16 years old.

2 Quarts for $12!

Two Quarts_Mint CC and Choc Oreo

It's the BEST Ice Cream SALE EVER! 

You pick two quarts from our flavors available today and pay only $12!  Way better ice cream AND cheaper than the grocery store.  This special ends when the cold weather does, so better get here quick!  Full details after the jump!

Check-in and Save at Bruster's

 "The Social Network" isn't just a movie...it lives at Bruster's Annapolis!  If you have a nifty Smartphone like a Droid or iphone, you can use it to check-in at Bruster's and get some deals.  Right now, if you check-in on foursquare, you'll get a free scoop upgrade on every third check-in.  On facebook, you'll get a HALF PRICE Brownie sundae.  It's a great way to treat yourself on the cheap and let your friends know about the very best ice cream in Annapolis!